L'orch.Teke-Teke 'Libala Bombanda Pasi' Bonga

Another Kenyan Congolese import band. And another AIT subsidiary label. There is no information to scout on the NET whatsoever on the band,  although they released three other singles on the same label.  Build up around a lovely hummin’ chorus,  great atmosphere  and a kickass tropical guitar harmonic ostinato,  listen when it goes jazzy and the horns kick in midway .. what a tune! Both part 1 and 2 from the single assembled in the audio.

A&B) Orch. Teke Teke Libala ‘Libala Bombanda Pasi’WRC

7 thoughts on “L’orchestre Teke-Teke – Libala Bombanda Pasi Ed. Bonga”

  1. Alastair Johnston says:

    this is a truly great find! The singer, Milanda Barami, sang with OK Jazz in the mid-80s

    • chris says:

      yes, indeed, alistair, same furtive liquidity as best late 70’s early 80’s franco; a real winner, nearly masterpiece, thank you senor

  2. Matt Temple says:

    Great site…keep them coming!

  3. Dickson Oduor says:

    I hear the voice of Ntesa Dalienst.

  4. boxengo says:


  5. john says:

    Teke-Teke issued a wonderful album on Sonafric SAF61007 (1978) with the track Libala Ya Bombanda Pasi. It plays at a slightly higher pitch (if my turntable is set correctly). I don’t think it’s a different mix but that’s always possible. The whole album is an old school joy in a true Franco vein of that period.

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