About time we posted something proper funky. A Killer ghetto production with a huge break, catchy horns and a infectious moog lick high up in the mix. And wait till the trumpet solo hits in the end. We’re suspecting this might be a cover of something coming out of the US in mid seventies? The WRC label is a weird one, with local cover productions, reggae hits and a lot of mediocre disco stuff. We’re glad Nairobi native George Fombe produced this one, as nearly everything that has his name on is gold. Where is he today and who said Kenya can’t be funky?

A) Silver Survivors Experience ‘Funky-Station’WRC

4 thoughts on “Silver Survivors experience ‘Funky Station’ WRC”

    • The WRC catalogue have a lot of Western releases licensed or booted, including WAR also. And jazz from South Africa.

  1. This was the band that opened up the Florida Nightclub in Nairobi it was previously based in Mombasa and was called The Flames.
    Otis Mwarandu Kalume was lead vocalist with a line up of astute Musicians including Mwaniki,Saidi,Nasoro,Swaleh and Lindor Curtis among others.

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