holoniteYou can image what kind of influence Manu Dibango’s mega hit ‘SOUL MAKOSSA’ had on this slice of  East African Disco funk. In typical Kenyan fashion, the common phrase “ASANTE SANA” is used repeatedly in the  refrain. Meaning “Thank you very much” and with the included cheeky female sexual groans you can do your own further conclusions on the lyrics. Both sides in one mix. Enjoy!

Studio Sawa SoundA&B) Said w/Wyne Barnes ‘Asante Sana’

4 thoughts on “Said w/ Wyne Barnes ‘Asante Sana” Studio Sawa”

  1. I put the credit under my name to avoid Nashon being done out of any royalties as I would stand a better chance of collecting them…

  2. This kills! Thanks for the great site. Easily one of the best on East African music. Love the design and looking forward to Kenya Special so much. Keep up the good work

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