3 thoughts on “Les’ Kitanga Boys”

  1. thanks for these oldies, they were sung when my aunties were girls and i could not differentiate who was my mum and who was my auntie, please look for me LEO NI LEO, KASILILI, MAMA KIFAGIO,MJI WA MOMBASA, NIRUDIE SARA, KIJANA MASIKINI,MPENZI HELLENA,FASTINAS,ARUSI YAKO, BIBI NA BWANA all these sung by kilimambogo brothers.thanks n God bless.

  2. I have tons of oldies sang in Kamba language [I am a Kamba] and I treasure them alot. I have gems by Peter Muambi, Kakai Kilonzo, Onesmus Musyoki etc

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