4 thoughts on “John Ndichu & his Group”

  1. I love John Ndichu and it’s a shame that there’s no biography about him, he’s a kikuyu legend and should be treated as such.Rest in peace.

  2. true john wasthe pioneer to kikuyu music live alone wakina salim how jus remix his songs.his legacy lives on since his sons still sing

  3. Love John Ndichu’s remix songs but I have never known who did the one man version.I hear people say the audio remix was done by Salim Junior while the video was done by mighty Salim.I don’t note the difference since they both sound similar and look alike.Make me understand please.Anyway nice songs…….

  4. Hello,
    Am eddy gichira.i am in the process of writting a biography of forgotten kikuyu musicians.
    Lawrence nduru
    John ndichu
    Roman warigi

    Currently am collecting any valuable information.
    Regards eddy.

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