Jazzaggression Records presents The Paris Smith trilogy

Spanning over three decades, Chicago vibist Paris Smith released privately three albums through his own imprint Oracle records. In the seventies The Quartets album with Kenneth Hill, In the early 80s Thought Seeds with vocalist Carol Sawall and in the mid-90s 53 Street Ghost with full ensemble. All material is self written, the mood, style and feel of three albums are uniquely different. Ranging from full-blown post-bop to soul-jazz slap! The originals are rare and have been demanding three figure sums on the vinyl collectible auction market. The 96 album 53rd St. Ghost gets the vinyl treatment for the first time, previously only available on CD. Each album is carefully remastered, comes with new pictures original liners and new liner notes by Paris smith.Cover illustrations drawn by Carol Sawall. Each album is limited to 500 copies!

jalp-8-frontbuyitnow Thought Seeds, the second album, originally released on Oracle records back in 1983. The Quintet is led by Paris Smith and features Carol Sawall on the vocals for the first time. Jimmy Ellis on saxes. Usama Pitts again on drums and Tyler Mitchell on bass. The albums favors a more mystified modal approach, there is one beautiful solo piece ‘Pentatonia’ and a duo vocal track ‘Lillith Came’ and let’s not forget the title track that is running wild with Carol’s vocals over a fantastic vibes ostinato. The original release has long been scarce, and copies have been demanding three figure sums on the online collectors market. Check out all the tracks on our Soundcloud jukebox at the bottom. The albums is available in stores from 22 February 2016, or now through direct sale from afro7.net!

jalp710-lpfrontbuyitnowFrom 1996, 53rd Street Ghost features a larger ensemble. Paris Smith vibraphone, Ben Montgomery drums David “Dawi” Williams bass, Shelton “Saleem” Salley guitar, Carol Sawall vocals & percussion, Charles “Yapree” Howell piano andStephanie Florence percussion. The album lays the vibes of the 90s Chicago scene with a great batch of funky jazz tracks, whether it’s the latin tingled ‘Psalm 37’ or the atmospheric ‘The Fun of it All’. You will find joy and mood in this Paris Smith joint! Now available for the first time on remastered vinyl! Comes with new liners-notes. Check the Songs in the Soundcloud Jukebox below. The albums is available in stores from 22 February 2016, or now through direct sale from afro7.net!


What shopsja709-lpfrontbuyitnowThe Quartets album, Paris Smith and Kenneth Hill’s first album together with original material. A truly remarkable underground jazz album that sounds like it was recorded 10 years earlier, top feeling and very much alive. Paris Smith – vibes, Kenneth Hill – sax, Michael Smith & Donnell Lambert – Bass, Usama – Drums. Comes with new pictures, new liner notes and remastered sound. Limited to 500 copies! Available now! Check out our recent interview with Paris Smith!
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