Here is a gem of a tune from Orchestra Bana Ekanga.  Apparently a group that was an offshoot of the famous BABA NATIONAL, read more about the band and Baba Gaston on the excellent Muzikifan’s article Congolese bands in east Africa,  The song features an Intricate drum beat with a beautiful female vocal effort by Nana Akumu wa Kudu of Pepelepe fame. Don’t believe the hype? Listen in and get hypnotized! [audio:]

8 thoughts on “Orch. Bana Ekanga Haraka Haina Baraka Shika”

  1. fantastic single, and thanks for sharing these singles. I, for one, am glad that you left part 2 in (in general “part 2″‘s are always my favorites on congolese/kenyan singles)

  2. I am looking for a kiswahili song by Nana Akumu and TPOK jazz- Jacky mtoto wa Tanzania.

    I am also searching for slow music by Franco-Lola

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