airwaysA personal favorite from the mighty Nairobi Matata Jazz catalogue that truly showcase how tight they where back in the days. This Swahili number pretty much has it all for me, a bouncy bassline, superb breakdowns, fierce guitarlines plus a razor sharp rhythm section to match. Update! A user comment requested part one of the song so we’ve added that one as well. Please enjoy!

Nairobi Matata Jazz ‘Tereza Sina Ubaya Pt.1’
Nairobi Matata Jazz ‘Tereza Sina Ubaya Pt.2’

5 thoughts on “Nairobi Matata Jazz ‘Tereza Sina Ubaya’ Diploma”

  1. Part 1 is “nairobi-matata-jazz-tereza-sina-ubaya-pt-1

    Part 2 is: “nairobi matata jazz”-Mapenzi Hayana Daktari – SIB7-001a. Part 2

    You correct me, please.

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