An AIT label for productions by PO Kanindo that has three distinct strands. The first couple of singles are by a Luhya band who also recorded for Swara and Editions Shariff. The 700-800 series are by the main players on the Luo benga scene of the mid-1970s, artists Kanindo recorded often and on a multiplicity of labels. The 1000 series started later than the 700-800 series and features records by Kallenjin artists. Almost all of the listings for the label come from AIT’s master catalogue, but OK 1017 turned up on Ebay in March 2011 to confirm a slightly later start to the series. OK 1033 appears to feature two of the label’s bands coming together to record a song in praise of Daniel Arap Moi who became President of Kenya in 1978.

King Kong