cheetaWe’ve been digging through the Ken-Tanza label, check the new stock! One of favorite outputs is this monster modern RUMBA take, and a fine example of how a tune can sound totally different from part 1 to part 2. No info on the band on the net whatsoever. Credited to Solomon M. Kombo. I suspect it might be a offshoot group. Tune delivers tempo, and a superb-guitar drive, drum laden breakdown. “Hay-Hay” Cosmic!

Ken-TanzaA) Kenya Super Rumba ‘Mpende Mwenzio Pt. 1
B) Kenya Super Rumba ‘Mpende Mwenzio Pt. 2

One thought on “Kenya Super Rumba ‘Mpende Mwenzio’ Ken-Tanza”

  1. In the mid-80s, these guys were a regular band at a little bar on River Road called the New Congon Day and Night Club. I recall seeing them once and was pleasantly surprised.

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