buyThe cool label name pretty much sums it up. We can’t find any info on the band and our KENTANZA source tells us it’s the only release on the label out of two singles. A top notch traditional track here with a happy driving beat and a great guitar lick.  And we love the way the harmony vocals works here. From the Taita tribe sung in the Kitaita language, closely related to Swahili.  The lyrics tells another story about moral and ethics, don’t be careless and play-away with your life.

A) Gonda Success Band ‘GOnda Ya Bara Isanga’WRC

One thought on “Gonda success ‘Gonda ya bara isanga’ africa sounds”

  1. “Gonda ya bara Isanga” is a great song with a good beat..unfortunate that “charonyi ni wasi” has dominated the dawida song scene with no alternative.This disc had a side B “Kuseliwe Mariether” can anyone share with me this song?

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