A duet for a change, a very sweet growing slow-burn track musically labeled Coast, strangely it has this Ethiopia vibe to it. The Famous Nyahururu Boys was a Kikuyu band with frontman James Wahome who is credited for the tune and the label. As it is sung in Kikuyu we can’t find anyone who can translate it, but we’ve got it confirmed from our Swahili source it’s another love song 🙂  Listen in while it build towards the end ..

A) Famous Nyahururu Boys ‘Mwendwa’WRC

4 thoughts on “Famous Nyahururu Boys Mwendwa Wahome super sounds”

  1. This is is a love like all others with the two lovers exchanging pledges. Regarding the tune, it was influenced by a very popular song of the time by Malika (Asha Abdo)known as “Macho Yanacheka”. That is why it was described as Coast due to the Taarab influence. James Wahome now known as Wahome Maingi is still active on the Nairobi club scene.

  2. Great people, thanks for capturing some of James Wahome Maingis Music.
    I began to like Wahomes music as a very little boy under ten years for the first time in 1977/78 and on to this day. Unfortunately most of his music of the 70s and 80s is not commonly found anywhere i have looked around.
    Kindly please ask whoever markets for Nyahururu Boys Band/ Sawa sawa sounds etc, make Wahomes music available on CDs or MP3s. I am a guaranteeing customer. Make some for me and others interested.
    I want all the collection of the 70s, 80s,90s unfortunately i don’t know any of the 20s.
    Get in touch with me and advice how i can get that music.
    Warm regards.

    • Symon Maringa, l have a number of Wahome’s collection in MP3 form which l can share with you. I love his music and particularly when he was with the band famous nyahururu boys band. Also chech for DK Music. He was really an enigma in Kikuyu music in the 70’s. Most of this music is now lost or wasting away in the shelves.

  3. Hi Folks,
    I’ve recently discovered James Wahome, and fell in love with the short sound clip I heard of the song “Mbeca Ti Ndaa”. I can’t find it on Youtube or any other source. Does anyone in this group have a copy that you can maybe send me a sound file, or post it to Youtube?
    Thanks in advance!

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