We keep the trend of posting dancefloor oriented material and this track is no exception. It’s a cover tune of a Loi Loki Tok song. And it’s a hard one;  heavvy driving  percussion with a neat chant, dirty wah-wah, fierce horns and a wicked synth riff. Released by Polydor East-Africa, judging from the Mijikenda tag on the label this is from the Coastal regent of Kenya, most possibly a Mombasa band. Major thanks to Rickard Masip of Tropical treats fame for this one.

PolydorA) Cobra ‘Wari Wa Pt. 1’

4 thoughts on “Cobras ‘Wari-Wa pt 1&2’ Polydor”

  1. Calumbinho says:

    Very cool. BTW, do you have anything to post by the actual (Santa) Loi Toki-Tok? The only thing I’ve heard by them is the great “Lakusema Mini Sina”, and I wonder if the rest of their stuff is like that. Thanks for the music.

  2. Fredrik Lavik says:

    No nothing by Loi-Toki-Tok, hopefully I’ll find something in the future and will be able to post it here .. thanks for the kind words!

  3. Hide says:

    amazing tune!
    I have Loi Toki-Tok 45s. I’ll send you some Fred.

  4. dave says:

    thanks for sharing this, any chance you could upload Pt 2 as well?

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