We haven’t found any information on the label nor the artist here, looks like a private one off. Great label design, is that a horn upside down? The music speaks for itself here, a religious Kikuyu duet with a great slab of horns and funky guitar drive. In tradition of similar sounding Kikuyu groups at the time (Lulus band, Rift Valley bros) the sound on the b-side is nearly all instrumental. Note the funky change-up at 1:35 and wait for the bass solo! This smells of dancefloor potential. Probably from around mid seventies 75 or 76. Enjoy!

[audio:http://www.afroseven.net/songs/Band-sauti-popote-ithui-riu-pt12.mp3|titles=Band sauti popote – Adam Na Hawa pt1&2]

4 thoughts on “Band Sauti Popote ‘Adam na Hawa pt1&2’ Ruhia”

  1. We got it confirmed by our connection in Kenya: It’s a wedding song in Swahili, they are literary saying that Marriage is a sacred thing. And the main singer is giving advice to a young couple getting married. Sweet! Our source also tells us the band might be from Tanzania. If anyone else has any information let us know ..

    • i’m pretty sure this is not sang in Swahili but rather in Kikuyu(i’m a kikuyu myself). and it’s telling of the story of Adam and Eve when they were in the garden, and how the serpent persuaded Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit. i also highly doubt the band might be from Tanzania. their Kikuyu is exceptionally fluent they must be from kenya

  2. I second Mwangi… there is not a word of Swahili here. This is Kikuyu language. Fantastic track!

    Muchiri, Toronto, Canada.

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