buyKenyas answer to beach boys!  Bahari in Swahili means ocean and what a great label it is! One of those us label nerds drool over. A private press where the name of the band is the same as the label. Great logo graphics too. The song is sung in the Bantu language, with a traditional twist is has nice melody and a great “happy” vocal feel. Kikamba music is known for their catchy vocal efforts. This tune has really grown on me and has become one of my favs. Check out Bahari boys – Msinzili and hold your horses when the conga and fuzz guitar breakdown hits you near the end. We have no clue what they are singing about so if can translate anything be sure to leave a comment.

Mombasa RootsB) Bahari Boys ‘Msinzili’

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  1. Apparently recorded at Studio Sawa, the home of Kakai Kilonzo and other great Kamba bands, this one is really not at all a “Kamba” song except perhaps in language. It is more in the great tradition of the Hodi Boys and the early Kenya Blue Stars. Great stuff!

  2. I agree with Doug, the song is sung in Kamba and that’s about it. I saw the track name and that’s what attracted me coz that’s definitely a Kamba word and I was wondering what guys from the Coast of Kenya were singing in Kikamba. Kakai Kilonzo also sung “Msinzili” and if this song was recorded at KK studios then I will regard this as the original. The funny thing is Bahari are lamenting about someone doing wrong to them while KK was saying Msinzili is a “song/dance for the Kamba people. Nice site !!

  3. I got confused with the comments here. The original question asked for translation but the comments deviated! I felt compelled to comment because I am related to the members of the former Bahari Boys. To clarify; the band was based in Mombasa, Kenya and the singer was from the Kamba group. His name: Thomas Mwanzia. He hailed from Mariakani near Mombasa. He also played the lead guitar on the band. It’s true that the band’s style was similar to Hodi Boys’ as they both had Kenyan Coastal members. The band leader/composer/arranger and saxophonist for Bahari Boys was Joseph Ngala who is now the famous “Mzee Ngala” of Bango Sounds. To clarify Mzee Ngala did not compose Musinzili but he helped arrange it. It is a Kamba folk song. Kakai Kilonzo recorded his version after Bahari Boys did theirs. Other hits at the time by Bahari Boys included “Mangale”, “Emmy Mama” and “Utanichoka”. In my view the musical enlightenment of Bahari Boys surpassed many other groups in Kenya in the 70s. They could play jazz which was foreign to many in Kenya.

  4. Good stuff! Did you forget to post the ‘Bado Tu’ side of the disc? Will appreciate it. Any chance you have their other hits like ‘Mangale’, etc?

  5. Hi Fred!
    Kindly post the Kamba Vinyls – the 16 singles. I can’t wait to listen to them. Pleaaase!!!

  6. After greetings,
    Do you by any chance happen to have anything by The Ashantis especially the swahili or luo songs.
    Thank you

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