Questions & Answers

Why are you setting up a blog with music from Africa, there seems to be a wealth of blogs already on the net?
Well, our main objective is to focus on music from eastern parts of Africa, south of equator and Kenya as we have acquired a large collection of music from that country. From time to time we will present singles from other parts of Africa as well. Look out for the stamp on the upper right side of the post, that will indicate what country the 45 is from.

Kenya you say, but aren’t there already a blog focusing on 45’s released in Kenya and Tanzania,
Yes Tim Clifford has done an amazing job compiling lists of bands and labels from Kenya, while his page is more of a label information database of labels and discography of East African music.We will focus more on the music itself, presenting each 45 with a soundfile . And any information we can dig out about the artist or band, label. Our main goal is to get more people into this music, and everyone who has an open ear for forgotten sounds. All the information we dig out will be supplied to Tim’s pages aswell.

Why have you called the blog AFRO7, will there be new east-african rare groove tracks posted every week?
We know there is a lot of focus of funky and groove oriented material from Africa, with western touches and so forth. And since we also are DJ’s and collect dance oriented music there will be funky stuff from time to time. Let me my rephrase that, most of the music we post is dance oriented but has a different time signature or beat that what our western ears are used too. So therefore we also wish to focus on traditional songs, beat and styles.


Why is the mp3 bitrate only 128kbs? It sounds shitty on a large system.
Well we feel 128kbs is adequate for the online listening experience, if you want better copy you simply have to go out and find these on your own. Or buy a compilation that features these tracks so that the musicians and or copyright holders can get their due.

A track I found on your blog is my own artistic property, I own the license for it and I don’t want it posted and used here without proper permission.
We are sorry about that, send us proof and we will remove it.

You keep saying “WE” how many guys are you behind the blog and what’s the story behind this big collection.
For the time being, it’s just one guy, check the about pages,  we are open to contributors who want to share their tracks and knowledge.  As for the collection, check out the magazine PLOT for the full story. A .pdf link can be found here. It’s in Norwegian though. A google translate tool will justify it to about 90% 🙂

Are any of the tracks you post for sale?
No not really, but from time to time we have duplicates of tracks that we sell, in the future we might set up a set sale list containing east-African 45’s. From time to time there will also be some eBay auctions ..

We love the stuff you guys post and want to throw a party with this kind of music, can we book a dj from
That’s possible, we do gigs in Scandinavia and abroad, use the DJ inquire form on this link.