Lulus Band

The Kikuyu guitar music scene is replete with prolific composers. But Daniel Kamau Mwai (D.K.Mwai) stands tall above a pack of leading Kikuyu Musicians. As a solo artist and with his Lulus band he recorded countless of classic during the golden age of Kenya music throughout the seventies and eighties. One of his tracks released in 1970 sold over 10,000 units. DK also produced and made some of the funkiest Kikuyu Benga ever laid to wax, including I can feel it, Daina, Ngwendeire Guita, Nana, and Mutumia Muriu among others. Recording labels include D.K. Undugu Sound (his own) and Sawa Sawa, Muhito United, Danny, Lulus, Sibuor and Kirinyaga countless others.