Black Savage

blacksavageyesBlack Savage was a short-lived mid-1970s group of young college-age Kenyans, namely Barrack Achieng (bass), Job Seda (a.k.a. Ayub Ogada) (percussion), Noel Drury Sanyanafwa (drums), Jack Odongo (keyboards) and Gordon Ominde (Golden Simone) (guitar). Most of them were from the Luo tribe, which may explain why the song is in the DhoLuo language. Its title means, ‘(The) Rain Is Coming’. ‘Koth Biro’ is actually a traditional DhoLuo song, possibly a lullaby. Job Seda has more recently released a more traditional version of the song, to the accompaniment of the traditional Luo lyre. The 'Grassland' single resonated within the young, urban, hipster Nairobi crowd when it dropped in 1976.