buyI’m wondering if this group is the same group as the Eagles lupopo, if anyone have any information please let us know. The track is credited Yusuf Omar and Suddy Mohamed. Lupopo released several singles on the same African Eagles label so there must be some connection. I’m loving the sax work on this track, it opens up with a traditional romantic lingala flow and goes uptempo with a cool nearly free sax solo at the end. Definitely a standout!

African Eagles RecordingA) Eagles Band ‘Nyumba Imepigwa Na Radi’

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  1. It’s the same band. The label was set up in 1972 by a group of musicians that included Daudi Kabaka, Nshil Pichen and Peter Tsotsi Juma who fell out with Equator Sounds owner Charles Worrod over royalty payments and composition credits. The label copied the Equator format of having a house band that sometimes recorded under its own name and sometimes served as a backing group for other musicians and singers.

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