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  1. Nirudishe kwetu just like Safari Bila Kupumuzika and Kifo cha Mbaraka Mwishehe are Juma Kilaza tracks recorded by Magola International a band he had formed while in Kenya. Juma Kilaza sometimes used the name Magola wa Chumbi as his other name on TK Lumpopo advertisements the band he had formed in Morogoro before moving to Kenya where he formed Magola International. Juma Kilaza founded TK Lumpopo in 1973 after breaking away from Cuban Marimba, moving with him some of Cuban Marimba great musicians including Ally, Ufuta and Hemed Maneti.Unfortunately the band disintegrated in 1976 when a number of musicians left the band one after the other starting with Chiriku Hemed Maneti who joined Vijana jazz, Ally who played the rythm guitar joined Urafiki jazz and Charles Kasembe (also rhythm guitar) joined Super Volcano and lastly Dr. Joakim Ufuta who went back to Cuban Marimba.
    This track is about a lady taken away far from home, where she finds no support from harassment from her husband, for the reason asks to be taken back home if the husband no longer loves her.

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