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  1. Doug says:

    I’m looking forward to your blog posts to learn about your treasure of great vinyl from the 70s and 80s. Regarding Slim Ali, I hadn’t heard he died. Can you give us a source for that?

  2. Doug says:

    Apparently recorded at Studio Sawa, the home of Kakai Kilonzo and other great Kamba bands, this one is really not at all a “Kamba” song except perhaps in language. It is more in the great tradition of the Hodi Boys and the early Kenya Blue Stars. Great stuff!

  3. Tim Clifford says:

    It’s the same band. The label was set up in 1972 by a group of musicians that included Daudi Kabaka, Nshil Pichen and Peter Tsotsi Juma who fell out with Equator Sounds owner Charles Worrod over royalty payments and composition credits. The label copied the Equator format of having a house band that sometimes recorded under its own name and sometimes served as a backing group for other musicians and singers.

  4. Doug says:

    First thanks for the great music. Regarding the Tsavo Records label, it was owned by Justus Kasoya who was a producer for Polygram. Notice that the Post Box on the label is in Kitui (Ukambani). As for the meaning of Tsavo, I’ve seen it written in a couple of places including the Wikipedia article referenced that Tsavo means “a place of slaughter” in Kamba. My wife is Kamba and says the word Tsavo has no meaning in Kamba and isn’t a Kamba word or name. I wonder how this meaning became attached to the name Tsavo.(???)

    • Adam says:

      To my knowledge, the name Tsavo became synonymous with “slaughter” after the two man-eating lions that tormented railway workers constructing a bridge in 1898-1899. The ‘Tsavo Lions’ get their name from the Tsavo river for which the bridge was being built.

  5. Dj Maxx Makau says:

    I agree with Doug, the song is sung in Kamba and that’s about it. I saw the track name and that’s what attracted me coz that’s definitely a Kamba word and I was wondering what guys from the Coast of Kenya were singing in Kikamba. Kakai Kilonzo also sung “Msinzili” and if this song was recorded at KK studios then I will regard this as the original. The funny thing is Bahari are lamenting about someone doing wrong to them while KK was saying Msinzili is a “song/dance for the Kamba people. Nice site !!

  6. Philippe says:

    Actually found this 45 in Mint condition last week en ebay… can’t wait to receive it!!!

  7. Philippe says:

    Amazing stuff! Thanks.

  8. Karron says:

    Too bad it is everyday to find blogs like to yours. We’ll revisit this internet site again. Thanks!

  9. Katana says:

    I got confused with the comments here. The original question asked for translation but the comments deviated! I felt compelled to comment because I am related to the members of the former Bahari Boys. To clarify; the band was based in Mombasa, Kenya and the singer was from the Kamba group. His name: Thomas Mwanzia. He hailed from Mariakani near Mombasa. He also played the lead guitar on the band. It’s true that the band’s style was similar to Hodi Boys’ as they both had Kenyan Coastal members. The band leader/composer/arranger and saxophonist for Bahari Boys was Joseph Ngala who is now the famous “Mzee Ngala” of Bango Sounds. To clarify Mzee Ngala did not compose Musinzili but he helped arrange it. It is a Kamba folk song. Kakai Kilonzo recorded his version after Bahari Boys did theirs. Other hits at the time by Bahari Boys included “Mangale”, “Emmy Mama” and “Utanichoka”. In my view the musical enlightenment of Bahari Boys surpassed many other groups in Kenya in the 70s. They could play jazz which was foreign to many in Kenya.

  10. Teddy Rosso says:

    Forgot to edit out part 2, well well I’ll leave it like it is 🙂

  11. Nicky says:

    Amazing, Yeah !!!

  12. Alastair Johnston says:

    this is a truly great find! The singer, Milanda Barami, sang with OK Jazz in the mid-80s

    • chris says:

      yes, indeed, alistair, same furtive liquidity as best late 70’s early 80’s franco; a real winner, nearly masterpiece, thank you senor

  13. Matt Temple says:

    Great site…keep them coming!

  14. zim bida says:

    fantastic single, and thanks for sharing these singles. I, for one, am glad that you left part 2 in (in general “part 2″‘s are always my favorites on congolese/kenyan singles)

  15. galaxyke says:

    This is is a love like all others with the two lovers exchanging pledges. Regarding the tune, it was influenced by a very popular song of the time by Malika (Asha Abdo)known as “Macho Yanacheka”. That is why it was described as Coast due to the Taarab influence. James Wahome now known as Wahome Maingi is still active on the Nairobi club scene.

  16. Dickson Oduor says:

    I hear the voice of Ntesa Dalienst.

  17. boxengo says:


  18. boxengo says:


  19. Fredrik Lavik says:

    We got it confirmed by our connection in Kenya: It’s a wedding song in Swahili, they are literary saying that Marriage is a sacred thing. And the main singer is giving advice to a young couple getting married. Sweet! Our source also tells us the band might be from Tanzania. If anyone else has any information let us know ..

    • Mwangi says:

      i’m pretty sure this is not sang in Swahili but rather in Kikuyu(i’m a kikuyu myself). and it’s telling of the story of Adam and Eve when they were in the garden, and how the serpent persuaded Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit. i also highly doubt the band might be from Tanzania. their Kikuyu is exceptionally fluent they must be from kenya

  20. Vik says:

    Beautiful, especially from 1.35 onwards.. it becomes a gem.

  21. popo says:

    this track is by tanzanian group bima lee orchestra

  22. Maalim says:

    Good stuff! Did you forget to post the ‘Bado Tu’ side of the disc? Will appreciate it. Any chance you have their other hits like ‘Mangale’, etc?

  23. Anab says:


  24. Calumbinho says:

    Very cool. BTW, do you have anything to post by the actual (Santa) Loi Toki-Tok? The only thing I’ve heard by them is the great “Lakusema Mini Sina”, and I wonder if the rest of their stuff is like that. Thanks for the music.

  25. Fredrik Lavik says:

    No nothing by Loi-Toki-Tok, hopefully I’ll find something in the future and will be able to post it here .. thanks for the kind words!

  26. Jonas says:

    Yea! great tune!, but the link to the edit is broken, o would so love to have it.

    Fantastic digging

  27. Hide says:

    amazing tune!
    I have Loi Toki-Tok 45s. I’ll send you some Fred.

  28. wangombe says:

    mziki niupendao

  29. BavonWW` says:

    Yes it is I written by Nashon Gandani of Wari Wari fame

  30. BavonWW` says:

    I put the credit under my name to avoid Nashon being done out of any royalties as I would stand a better chance of collecting them…

  31. ralf2152 says:

    Thanks, that beautiful track

  32. DJ Obruni says:

    This kills! Thanks for the great site. Easily one of the best on East African music. Love the design and looking forward to Kenya Special so much. Keep up the good work

  33. Doug Paterson says:

    This must be one of the last 45rpm singles ever released in Kenya. I don’t remember the precise date, but it wasn’t long after 1991 that the pressing plant was shut down for good.

  34. Juan says:

    thanks for posting these lost treasures

  35. Tim Jolas says:

    really, really nice sound. love the sound.
    do you ve a idea were i could find a copie?
    thx, tim

  36. chris meserve says:

    that was exceptionally tasty….thank you!

  37. Muchiri says:

    I second Mwangi… there is not a word of Swahili here. This is Kikuyu language. Fantastic track!

    Muchiri, Toronto, Canada.

  38. Rickard Masip says:

    There is Kenyan 45 releases after 1992, but is the latest date i’ve ever seen.

  39. Doug Paterson says:

    That’s quite interesting. A Kikuyu melody done in a South African style. I don’t know anything about the Almasi (Diamond) label but you can see it’s part of Joseph Kamaru’s City Sounds Studio and it appears Kamaru produced this particular recording.

  40. tungu says:

    thanks for these oldies, they were sung when my aunties were girls and i could not differentiate who was my mum and who was my auntie, please look for me LEO NI LEO, KASILILI, MAMA KIFAGIO,MJI WA MOMBASA, NIRUDIE SARA, KIJANA MASIKINI,MPENZI HELLENA,FASTINAS,ARUSI YAKO, BIBI NA BWANA all these sung by kilimambogo brothers.thanks n God bless.

  41. James Kilai says:

    I have tons of oldies sang in Kamba language [I am a Kamba] and I treasure them alot. I have gems by Peter Muambi, Kakai Kilonzo, Onesmus Musyoki etc

  42. Rafa says:

    this is beautiful, thank you very much, it’s a shame not to hear Part 1

  43. David Okoth says:

    I am looking for a kiswahili song by Nana Akumu and TPOK jazz- Jacky mtoto wa Tanzania.

    I am also searching for slow music by Franco-Lola

  44. says:

    i would say Dancing queen by ABBA

  45. JARIBU says:

    Jerra Inn was/is a hotel in Siaya District, Kenya. It’s in a small town named Sega.

  46. Joseph Gassanja says:

    CDM Kiratu’s latest hits, Kanua wariire mbeu, Gitumbu and Monopoly are classic like other songs of his. I have always liked CDM’s music sines my high school days in 1970s…..or is it because we hail from the same high school?. For some of us who live outside Kenya, This kind of songs are a delight to listen to.
    Hey! CDM, When will you release another hit in english? Let me know. what about “Ngoro yakwa i Limuru” in english.

  47. Thomas says:

    Thank you for posting these lost songs.

  48. James Kilai says:

    Hi Fred!
    Kindly post the Kamba Vinyls – the 16 singles. I can’t wait to listen to them. Pleaaase!!!

  49. Abu Simbel says:

    Like your approach to African music

  50. Bilfrid Lidubwi says:

    Good collections

  51. Abu Simbel says:

    After greetings,
    Do you by any chance happen to have anything by The Ashantis especially the swahili or luo songs.
    Thank you

  52. David Njuki says:

    Quite informative, I’ll be following these articles keenly. Where are the 78s archived?

  53. Rafa says:

    Part 1 is “nairobi-matata-jazz-tereza-sina-ubaya-pt-1

    Part 2 is: “nairobi matata jazz”-Mapenzi Hayana Daktari – SIB7-001a. Part 2

    You correct me, please.

  54. Rickard says:

    No, its Pt 1 & 2 as mentioned, however it kind of reminds of “Mapenzi hayana daktari”.

  55. wagithi says:

    I love John Ndichu and it’s a shame that there’s no biography about him, he’s a kikuyu legend and should be treated as such.Rest in peace.

  56. Thulani Langa says:

    This is the music I grew up listening and dancing.

  57. Rafa says:

    His collection has no limits, really congratulate you, thanks for this and brighten my day.

  58. Alex says:


  59. Kali says:

    OOoh Yeah ! Really what a Great Track !!!!
    new discovery ! really love that ! Grtz !

  60. Rafa says:

    Any chance of hearing “Mwamo Gusii” Please great and would be eternally grateful.

    I love this music, thank you very much for leaving something to listen


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  62. gilbert tungu says:

    thanks very much afro 7, why dont you post complete songs, these are oldies bwana you cant get them any where. Post me songs of les kilimambogo like leo ni leo, arusi yako, kasilili, fastinas, bibi na bwana, leo ni arusi, mji wa mombasa, nirudie sara, mpenzi helena and dont cut cut them or you tell me where i can buy their cds. thanks n God bless u.

  63. dave says:

    thanks for sharing this, any chance you could upload Pt 2 as well?

  64. David Njuki says:

    I love it, thank you for sharing it.

  65. Dj says:

    Where I can find in 7” please ?

  66. Douglas says:

    The “platter object” is, in fact, a three legged stool with elaborate bead inlays. I have one made by Luo craftsmen that looks very similar though I would expect this one to be modeled after something made in Kisii.

  67. Jonas says:

    Vumbi (The guitarrist of Maquis) told me he spent quite some time playing in Tanzania. Might have something to do with it.

  68. Douglas says:

    In the mid-80s, these guys were a regular band at a little bar on River Road called the New Congon Day and Night Club. I recall seeing them once and was pleasantly surprised.

  69. Douglas says:

    The label tells the story: OSS is Orchestra Safari Sound and Duku Duku is the name of their style at the time. This is an early version of the group with Ndala Kasheba on the 12 string guitar. Lovely stuff! When bands and labels use these alternative names, it usually means they are trying to avoid some contractual problem with the band owner or the owner of the sound recording. After OSS was reorganized with new personnel, they became International Orchestra Safari Sound playing the Ndekule style. Ndala Kasheba moved on to Orchestra Maquis for a period up to the mid-80s.

  70. Nick Georgiou says:

    i’m reborn flow me a river of my onw tears of joy to swim in

  71. Symon Maringa says:

    Great people, thanks for capturing some of James Wahome Maingis Music.
    I began to like Wahomes music as a very little boy under ten years for the first time in 1977/78 and on to this day. Unfortunately most of his music of the 70s and 80s is not commonly found anywhere i have looked around.
    Kindly please ask whoever markets for Nyahururu Boys Band/ Sawa sawa sounds etc, make Wahomes music available on CDs or MP3s. I am a guaranteeing customer. Make some for me and others interested.
    I want all the collection of the 70s, 80s,90s unfortunately i don’t know any of the 20s.
    Get in touch with me and advice how i can get that music.
    Warm regards.

    • Wanyeki says:

      Symon Maringa, l have a number of Wahome’s collection in MP3 form which l can share with you. I love his music and particularly when he was with the band famous nyahururu boys band. Also chech for DK Music. He was really an enigma in Kikuyu music in the 70’s. Most of this music is now lost or wasting away in the shelves.

  72. Bavon WW says:

    I’m the guitarist along with the legendary Barry. You can hear me on many tracks from Kenya.. Even on the Kenya Blue Stars tracks ( One of which also features German pop star Markus; and ’99 Red Balloons’ star, Nena. ) I’m a bit unwell but should be much recovered by January when I’ll be able to fill in a few details…

  73. says:

    disk are available at this time?

  74. Zim Bida says:

    “They were based in East Africa rather than Congo – there’s a great LP on Ahadi – Karubandika (more info here: released in Kenya, and an LP on CBS (eom lp 501, 1982) called “in Nairobi”. In fact, the fact that they were also called “Orch Maquis du Zaire” on some recordings indicates that they were no longer in Zaire”

  75. zim bida says:

    I think the KIKI in the matrix number refers to the composer, who was also known as “King Kiki” and played with orchs fauvette, safari-nkoy and safari sound. More info on him can be seen here:

  76. George Okot says:

    I would Need 1-Monica Achoch 2-Amba 3-Sisili 4-Shika Shika if you manage to get them Please let me know.

  77. gilly says:

    Jackie is a track by Les Cubano, an offshoot of Cuban Marimba Band. The late Nico Zengekala ..from Taita Taveta is the composer and main singer.

    Enjoy the song here:

  78. Peter Kamau Ngandu says:

    I really interested with the song “Uzima sung by somajeko international band” if its available tell me how much is it.

  79. julian algarin says:

    Ver y good

  80. Anthony Marwa says:

    It is a great track by a respectful musician from Morogoro formerly Cuban Marimba leader and TK Lumpopo founder, the last group he played with is Les Cuban of Morogoro following the collapse of Magola International.

    The track is a fight for come back for both the musician and Morogoro popularity following the death of the maestro Mbaraka Mwinshehe Mwaruka, collapse of Cuban Marimba, Morogoro Jazz band and Super volcano all from Morogoro and to add salt to injury was loss of football fame to a region which had at one time lifted the Taifa cup and one of its teams Mseto had clinched the top position in the national premier league. In the track Kilaza tries to show that his long absence from the music scene ( from 1976 to 1980 )be regarded as a rest.

  81. yaseth arrieta says:


  82. Richard Weke says:

    “Gonda ya bara Isanga” is a great song with a good beat..unfortunate that “charonyi ni wasi” has dominated the dawida song scene with no alternative.This disc had a side B “Kuseliwe Mariether” can anyone share with me this song?

  83. Philippe Noël says:

    On top of my kenya wantlist…!

  84. Anthony Kisondella says:

    I am favourite of this band; I would appreciate if we have numbers like Wema Huleta Kilio, Dada Bishada, Shahada ya Uvumilivu and najaribu kukurekebisha

  85. Bernard E. Bedie says:

    This is the music I loved to listen to when I was in school and after school. Right from Nuta Jazz, Juwata & finally Milimani Park Ochestra. I liked the voice of Muhidin Mwalimu & Bichuka mostly. Thank you

  86. guillaume says:


    Do you have it for sale ?

    Thank you for your awesome website !

    Best regards

  87. Anthony Marwa says:

    Nirudishe kwetu just like Safari Bila Kupumuzika and Kifo cha Mbaraka Mwishehe are Juma Kilaza tracks recorded by Magola International a band he had formed while in Kenya. Juma Kilaza sometimes used the name Magola wa Chumbi as his other name on TK Lumpopo advertisements the band he had formed in Morogoro before moving to Kenya where he formed Magola International. Juma Kilaza founded TK Lumpopo in 1973 after breaking away from Cuban Marimba, moving with him some of Cuban Marimba great musicians including Ally, Ufuta and Hemed Maneti.Unfortunately the band disintegrated in 1976 when a number of musicians left the band one after the other starting with Chiriku Hemed Maneti who joined Vijana jazz, Ally who played the rythm guitar joined Urafiki jazz and Charles Kasembe (also rhythm guitar) joined Super Volcano and lastly Dr. Joakim Ufuta who went back to Cuban Marimba.
    This track is about a lady taken away far from home, where she finds no support from harassment from her husband, for the reason asks to be taken back home if the husband no longer loves her.

  88. DR.R.W.BROWN says:


  89. BavonWW says:

    Here I am! Still alive but have been ill for ages. Just getting better after years.. This track contains the immortal and much copied chant “My daughter, my daughter usiende kutanga tanga na Earthquake. Katika” Translat. You are NOT going to party with Earthquake.
    You heard it on Pallasonic first..

  90. jp muiruri says:

    Kenya Blue Stars was my favourant band during 1980s i still miss them todate.i wish i can know where they went, r there still living or what happened to them Cuthbert Bocha,Daniel Hamisi,Sheila Tett and Margeret Wambui Safari those r the only names that i can remember.

  91. Wayne Barnes says:

    D.K and I had some great times togetherin the studios and on tour. A great artist and an astute business man, he became a councillor in his home area and fleshed out a bit. I’m looking him up again just now… The vocal tremelo on this track is achieved by shaking his throat with his hand. We didn’t have any vocal effects then except reverb and tape delay. I wonder who that is playing lead in the background?

  92. marcel vaillant says:

    beautiful record

  93. รับดูแลผู้สูงอายุ says:

    Hi there, every time i used to check website
    posts here in the early hours in the break of day, because i love to find out more and more.

  94. rwagi runoru says:

    i love Wahome with a passion very nice and educative songs. ni hau awa

  95. rwagi runoru says:

    mzee DK Wa Maria

  96. clayr fernando iriarte ortiz says:

    hola amigo de afro 7 me presento ante usted para realizar labores de compras de vinilos, gracias por su atencion … saludos..

  97. Carlos Acuña says:

    Hola. buenos dias.

    Estoy solicitando todos los trabajos de esta agrupacion.


    Carlos Acuña

  98. says:

    It’s amazing in support of me to have a web page, which is useful in favor of my know-how.

    thanks admin

  99. Dariusz says:

    I just found your fantastic website!
    I’m concert promoter in Poland and big music fan.
    Unfortunatelly I have only Tonu Naissoo LP and here in Poland is impossible to buy other Jazz Aggression vinyls.
    How I can get others? Could you help me?

    All the best

  100. Elijah Muli says:

    I would like to buy all the vinyl records by Kilimambogo Brothers

  101. Carlos Acuña says:


  102. Antonio karani says:

    I am a talented vocalist looking for a band to join in.

  103. cyrus m njoka says:

    very nice and educative

  104. Tungu says:

    James am still waiting for leo ni leo, Arusi yako and others by kakai kilonzo, please contact me my email is

  105. kijimbi says:

    Are they the same ones that sang the song EMI?

  106. john says:

    Teke-Teke issued a wonderful album on Sonafric SAF61007 (1978) with the track Libala Ya Bombanda Pasi. It plays at a slightly higher pitch (if my turntable is set correctly). I don’t think it’s a different mix but that’s always possible. The whole album is an old school joy in a true Franco vein of that period.

  107. Abdul Karim says:

    Way to go bro ………../\…….. Respect !

  108. M. says:

    Great! I can’t find how to order this track or the digipack CD containing it. The purchase-link goes automatically to the LP and It’s not clear which tracks are on the LP.

  109. JRoberts says:

    I have bought the record…and I have the coupon to download the digital copy.

    Please, what is the link to put the code into??

  110. Etienne says:

    First big thanks for all your work, so many sounds I discover on your blog and on your soundway release.
    I’d like to know if the title “Kenya” (your Kenya Special Mix on Clash music website)is from (Mombasa) Vikings lp African Songs ?
    I’m also crazy off the woman voice beginning at 41min25 on the same mix…
    AZNy chhance you give me credits of this fantastic songs, or beven better : the playlist off all the mix ?

  111. Michael Peprah says:

    Though your web site most songs,especially,those of the two Congolese countries would be found.

  112. Stewart says:


    Just the brought the vinyl and love it 🙂 but the download code wasn’t in with the vinyl 🙁


  113. Peter Moore says:

    Hey guys – love this album, particularly the A side. The Sharero Band are heavy! And the sound is excellent. Keep up the good work!

  114. Peter Kirima says:

    love the flow. the guitar is awesome

  115. Peter Kirima says:

    despite marks, hey! lovely staff. reminds me back in the day about 89-90 as a little boy in the hood

  116. Peter Kirima says:

    initial voice appears like that of the Late Nyongesa wamuganda, but again the beat changes to sounds of sukuma bin ongaro

  117. Peter Kirima says:

    Amazing arrangement. this should be a Kenyan band I suppose

  118. Peter Kirima says:

    Agree. they greatly should have been influenced by legendary Marijan Rajab. Amazing piece

  119. Peter Kirima says:

    glad to know its nyeri boys that did this piece. lovely

  120. Peter Kirima says:

    they could have been influenced by Jamhuri Jazz band or Nyenyembe Jazz from Tanzania

  121. Peter Kirima says:

    can just get enough of this track. the guitar on it is it love it love

  122. Peter Kirima says:

    Legendary Mzee Joseph Ngala. Thomas Mwanzia and the boys. Amazing staff

  123. Peter Kirima says:

    As always joseph ngala does it for me. amazing talented saxophonist of all time. respect

  124. Peter Kirima says:

    Glad Joseph would team up with William Osale from western. back in the day artist would easily do this in as much funs are entertained. can such callable happen in today’s Kenya? mmm I dout

  125. Peter Kirima says:

    amazing arrangement. Sammy Kasule was among this collable

  126. Peter Kirima says:

    top vocals from Gilbert Katana. amazing staff

  127. Peter Kirima says:

    v’been look for this track for ages. thanks for posting. soul brothers are just amazing. im told they were just painters in Soweto before embarking on music.respect

  128. Peter Kirima says:

    I was born and raised up in Kibera. the song makes sense especially to Nubian community. what happened to such bands? amazing staff

  129. ndungi says:

    good music. How come it is not available on youtube?

  130. Peter Kirima says:

    just leant sadly that the lead singer ‘david masondo’ died july 2015 at the age of 67. he passed on after being admitted at Garden city hospital in Johannesburg for three weeks after a performance.the soul brothers were busy recording their 39th album

  131. GANJ says:


  132. Jeffrey says:


  133. yair says:

    hi not the track correct

  134. WANGANGA says:


  135. 4 says:

    Wonderful group their vocals and guitar interplay where superb. The Rhythm guitar in the song Mayindombe was absolutely exhilarating the main personel in this group were related to John Bokelo Isenge.

  136. otaya leonard says:

    DO misiani was the greatest that benga has ever hard

  137. wyclif I. Kezengwa says:

    the artists come from my village-since leaving Kenya for further studies in the US early 70’s I miss these beats.Friends who kept some those records ended up being damaged.Been a headache to find them.If found I’m one of those fellows who will try and purchase whatever is available.Good job guys.

  138. marco says:

    I am waiting notice by my buy

  139. HENRY says:

    its good for old youngs (vijana wa zamani)

  140. Nathan says:

    Do u still stock this Kiru Stars release to buy??



  141. Amos Mugala says:

    Mbaraka Mwishehe with his Morogoro jazz band were simply music genius. Why don’t radio stations play these golden oldies. We elderly feel badly neglected. Please I appeal to Ministry of Broadcasting to take not of my appeal.

  142. John Muyesi says:

    I request a record known as Peter Omwenga by lesNoirs

  143. onesimo mutembwa says:

    The best band ever .I eat Migori Super Stars music on daily basis

  144. ngure karuru says:

    true john wasthe pioneer to kikuyu music live alone wakina salim how jus remix his songs.his legacy lives on since his sons still sing

  145. owino ohoto says:

    How can I get these records?

  146. alexis says:

    hola contento de compartir con afro 7

  147. Ivan ricardo Tejada says:

    please when you have available this records send to me an email

  148. zim bida says:

    This appeared on their great LP put on out Sonafric as “Makwela”

  149. zim bida says:

    this appears on their Sonafric LP as “Yokela Maloba Na Ngai”

  150. Raimondo Bruno says:

    looooooooong shot, but I’m chasing the vinyl of your Webster Lewis release…. (you *did* say to ask!)

  151. In ly sứ says:

    I like kenya music, it’s beautiful and smooth

  152. lucas Chege says:

    missed great hits of our childhood.Upload ruhuho,sue,rachael and ndimwihitukiri

  153. Paul Maina says:

    Love John Ndichu’s remix songs but I have never known who did the one man version.I hear people say the audio remix was done by Salim Junior while the video was done by mighty Salim.I don’t note the difference since they both sound similar and look alike.Make me understand please.Anyway nice songs…….

  154. Matt tyrrell says:

    Part 2 is absolutely beatutiful I NEED this record please get it in stock!!!

  155. Martty says:

    Love 🙂

  156. jonas says:

    I think They probably stole th melody for the end from this tune 🙂

  157. jonas says:

    i posted the last post on the wrong tune sorry. Couldnt find a way to remove it…

  158. jonas says:

    this tune has the same melody line at one point, coincidence? .

  159. King Mavuthela says:

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  162. alvaro contreras says:

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    There doesn‘t seem to be any available shipping methods. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help.

  174. Trev says:

    I have 7″ Penny McLean single Lady Bump on this label. Really odd as she is an Austrian disco diva !!

    • Fredrik Lavik says:

      The WRC catalogue have a lot of Western releases licensed or booted, including WAR also. And jazz from South Africa.

  175. Peter Kirima says:

    Gravity. An 80’s kenyan Band comprising of University of Nairobi students. At the vocals here they are led by Joroge benson who later pursued a solo career.There is another track they did tittled good bye maasai girl.

  176. John says:

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    Dea link for the A side track… may you fix this please.
    Many thanks

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  186. Doug says:

    Dave Otieno is one of the great studio guitarists of Kenya and he usually has a band or two he plays with live while in Kenya. These days, as part of The Nile Project, he’s doing a lot of international touring.
    He was also part of Kenya’s performing crew at the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

  187. Mark Hankins says:

    This is Dave Otieno’s song. It was recorded and sung by Otieno, left-handed virtuoso guitarist who is still playing in Nairobi with his band Wakurugenzi and who is a respected and sought-after guitarist. Mike Ofula plays bass. Lawrence MacGoye is on keys. Wally Amalemba of African Heritage Band (replacing Watume’s regular drummer Randy Selwano) is on drums. Markus Kamau and Dave split rhythm chops (though Dave’s stratocaster is sharper). The track was recorded in August 87 after Watume split and when Markus Kamau (Mark Hankins, an American) was headed back to the US. Kamau’s song Wanjiku was recorded during the same session.

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    The Scorpios are a Sudanese group, now living in exile in London – and working here in this amazing remake of sounds from their homeland! The music has some echoes of the contemporary takes on Ethiopian music – definitely that blend of funk and exoticism – but there’s also an extremely striking presence of the vocals, often sung by a female singer, whose ability to flow and inflect really leaves us breathless! The rhythms are great, too – with romping funky instrumentation that often has the guitar and keyboards coming down with the groove – and although there’s some trumpet and tenor on the record, the horns are less of a factor than the interplay between percussion/guitar rhythms and the voice. Production is great, very vintage in approach, but never in a cliched way

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    After a four-year hiatus, I have revitalized my blog, Likembe. Please drop by!

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    I’ve recently discovered James Wahome, and fell in love with the short sound clip I heard of the song “Mbeca Ti Ndaa”. I can’t find it on Youtube or any other source. Does anyone in this group have a copy that you can maybe send me a sound file, or post it to Youtube?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Lawrence nduru
    John ndichu
    Roman warigi

    Currently am collecting any valuable information.
    Regards eddy.

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    AfriKali !

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  200. Anthony Kalume says:

    This was the band that opened up the Florida Nightclub in Nairobi it was previously based in Mombasa and was called The Flames.
    Otis Mwarandu Kalume was lead vocalist with a line up of astute Musicians including Mwaniki,Saidi,Nasoro,Swaleh and Lindor Curtis among others.

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