Jaan Kuman Instrumental Ensemble


The label that gave you acclaimed releases like Webster Lewis and Fitz Gore presents its fourth installment: “JAAN KUMAN Instrumental  ensemble”.  A compilation of rare tracks from Estonian trumpeter talent Jaan Kuman. Recorded between 1974 and 1977.

“Soviet released jazz funk fusion from the seventies? You’ve seen the clips on YouTube?  How can you  get the real deal without dwelling into Cyrillic characters and buying from shady east European record dealers?”  Well don’t sweat it! Jazzaggression’s own Fredrik Lavik and Martin Jõela has carefully selected the funkiest instrumental tracks from Jaan Kumans most creative period. Material contains tracks from four rare EP’s, one LP and one unreleased recording.

In a time and place where all recorded music was monitored and filtered Jaan Kuman and his ensemble mastered the hard task of  implementing western style arrangements, obviously inspired by long distance radio broadcasts and underground cinema. The music is tight jazz-funk with a slap of drama and catchy hooks that will have you coming back for repeated listening.  Perfect for jazz aficionados and rare-groove collectors and DJs.

Compilation comes as vinyl only. Limited 500 run in authentic collectors seventies ”paste-on” packaging courtesy of Timmion records. Remastered  from original reels by Ebony Cuts. Liner notes with the full Jaan Kuman story by Tallinn native Martin Jõela.

Crafted by love for the format and the music! Future collector item guaranteed! Secure your copy today, these won’t last long! Order direct or buy in selected stores from 18th of January 2013 © Jazzaggression records – All rights reserved.


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