Tõnu Naissoo Trio – Els Himma & Avo Joala LP & CD

“This is one of those holy grail albums that takes you on a journey from start to finish, a masterpiece and a milestone in Estonian jazz”
– Greg Foat (Greg Foat Group, London)

An East European Deep Jazz treasure by 16 year old Estonian pianist Tõnu Naissoo! Recorded in 1968, forged behind the iron curtain!

Heavily influenced and schooled into jazz by his father(famous Estonian composer and multi-instrumentalist Uno Naissoo) Tõnu got the chance to record his own Trio album at the young age of 16.

What shops Recording took place in the cold winter of 1968. The album was released on the Melodiya imprint two years later as a 10″ inch long player. The original release is now very rare, changing hands for three figure sums. It’s finally available again from Jazzaggression records.

The album showcases tremendous lyrical quality and compositions displaying a wide range of styles, at times free and open, other times rhythmical. A concept album that changes the mood throughout the tracks. Free of boundaries and with a good dose of raw youthful expression.

The rerelease is finally featured for the first time on 12 inch vinyl and DigiPack CD. Vinyl is limited 500, comes  in authentic collectors seventies ”paste-on” packaging. Remastered  from original reels by Ebony Cuts. Liner notes with Tõnu’s own story and one previously unreleased track.

Tõnu Naissoo

DigiPack CD release features 8 previously unreleased tracks including live Trio performances from Tallinn Jazz Festival 67 and 68. Remastered from reels, all with extensive liners and never before seen pictures.

Players include Tõnu Naissoo (Piano) Jüri Pliznik (bass) Eino Tandre (drums) Avo Joala (flute) Els Himma (Vocal) Toomas Tiits* (Drums) Aleksander Samohvalov* (Bass) *CD release only.

Crafted by love for the format and the music! Future collector item guaranteed! Secure your copy today, these won’t last long! Order direct or buy in selected stores from 10th of February 2014

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