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Since early dawn of the new millennium Jazaggression records has been a bedroom operation. Mostly selling rare vinyl on eBay side of things but also rescuing old lost recordings or putting out stuff from the golden years that hasn’t been commercially available before. Although our previous releases have been available on CD, we are not going to pursue this format in the future. It’s strictly vinyl from now on.

We are still in business, with the occasional eBay auction and even putting out some more albums. In the future we might even dwell into releasing some contemporary stuff, who knows, stay with us!

Most of the our own releases listed here are sold out, although we might have a couple of Cd’s left, maybe some vinyl too. So send a mail and we will check the attic for availability..

 Beste plata
LP & CD: JALP703/JACD703 © 2009 LP & CD: JALP702/JACD702 © 2008
2xLP & 2xCD: JALP701/JACD701 © 2007 1xLP JALP704 © 2013
LP & 1xCD: JALP705/JACD704 © 2014 2xLP & Digipack CD JALP706/JACD706 © 2015
taqmini taqmini
LP & 1xCD: JALP707/JACD707 © 2015 LP: JALP708 © 2016
taqmini ensemblemini
LP: JALP709 © 2016 LP: JALP710 © 2016

1 Comment to Jazzaggression records – so far so good!

  1. Raimondo Bruno says:

    looooooooong shot, but I’m chasing the vinyl of your Webster Lewis release…. (you *did* say to ask!)

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